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Salon | Eclectic Style | Amanda “Ammo” Morgan

I have had MANY hairstyles and colors. Platinum blonde? Yes. Blue/Black? Yes. But I’ve never really had a salon to call my own until I found Erin at Eclectic Style on 6th and Hays. She’s the one who designs my (now) signature red color! She’s a master mixologist of hair dye! She’s down to earth and super laid back.

I love my color so much, I’ve kept it for years. She works on a truly eclectic clientele, so she definitely appeals to any type. Want a mohawk? She’d probably do it. Want a trim? No problem. I’m happy to finally have a salon to call my own!

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Best Boise Experience | Capital City Market | Amanda “Ammo” Morgan

Nothing says “Boise” like strolling through the farmers market. It has grown to be a huge production! There are SO many things to look at, taste, and buy… from crafts, to flowers, to organic produce and local honey.

The sun is shining, the streets are humming, and everybody is having a great time! Sometimes I bring my camera along and do some sneaky street style photography. It’s the perfect place to be seen, and to experience Boise.

Culture & Arts | First Thursday | Amanda “Ammo” Morgan

As you have learned, I love walking around downtown Boise. LOL Every month, on the (hello) first Thursday, downtown Boise opens its doors til later in the evening. Galleries and shops offer hors d’ oeuvres and wine, with special showings and sales.

Usually there will be street performances by musicians or dancers. Art galleries are the really fun places to be on 1st Thursday, but shops like the City Peanut Shop or the Chocolat Bar offer free samples on their goodies. And again, it’s a good time for me to head out with my camera to catch some of Boise’s unique street style!

Happy Hour | Mai Thai | Amanda “Ammo” Morgan

Have you ever heard of Izakaya? Ask for it next time you’re at Mai Thai between the hours of 5-6:30pm (or late night!). It’s the small-plate happy hour menu that includes delicious Japanese-Fusion favorites and 2-for-1 drinks. Eating lots of little things is way more fun than eating one big thing.

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Happy Hour…It’s 5 O’clock Somewhere | Red Feather Lounge | Amanda “Ammo” Morgan

I love the vibe of this place. It’s dark, it’s upscale, it’s intimate. They have yummy mixed drinks (which is the only thing I drink). If you haven’t seen the glass staircase, you’re missing out!

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Live Music | Treefort Music Fest | Amanda “Ammo” Morgan

Treefort is like SXSW…except in the NW. The absolute best live music on the Boise scene. Every March, the city erupts in musical bliss at tons of venues. Big names, small names, new names, old names… this year we even saw Boise bands that had disbanded in the 90’s!

People from all over flock to Boise for this live music festival. The people-watching is fantastic, too! I can’t wait to see where The Duckclub takes this massively successful endeavor in the future.

Performing Arts | Boise Contemporary Theater | Amanda “Ammo” Morgan

We’ve attended some pretty cool shows at BCT. We went to one that was just a reading (no “acting” other than just voicing the characters) and it was really good! They even perform some plays that they’ve written themselves. It’s a tiny theater, so the experience is really cool because you’re in the middle of it all.

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Landmarks & Attractions | Freak Alley | Amanda “Ammo” Morgan

I was surprised recently to find out most people don’t know about one of the coolest things in Boise. It’s an alley spanning an entire city block, dedicated to street art/graffiti. It’s not just tagging, there are some extremely talented artists who are displayed in this outdoor alt-art gallery. It also recently expanded its murals into a parking lot (right across from Ten Barrel). Take a stroll through it sometime!


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Best Kept Secrets | La Crepe aka The Boise Crepe Guy | Amanda “Ammo” Morgan

Every Saturday morning in season, my husband and I saunter down to the Grove for breakfast. La Crepe has sweet or savory crepes and they are to die for! Love savory? Try the Curry Chicken Crepe! Love sweet? Try the Nirvana Crepe: bananas, marshmallows, chocolate chips, graham cracker, coconut, and caramel.

My personal favorite, the lemon and sugar crepe, is now on the menu as The Ammo! What I really love about this place is the family that runs it. They have their “lemonade kids” booth right next door. Gluten free crepes are available!

Visit Boise Crepe Guy

Local Favorite | High Note Cafe | Amanda “Ammo” Morgan

I went gluten-free last fall, so sometimes it is hard to find a good place to eat out. High Note is known for its delicious food made from scratch, AND it has gluten free and vegan options!

I always get the Cuban (gluten free, no cheese) and their signature tomato soup made with coconut milk. The best lunch ever, and under $10. It’s on 5th, next to Guido’s

Visit The High Note Cafe

Shopping | Flying M Gift Shop | Amanda “Ammo” Morgan

I always find fun stuff at the Flying M. And, if you’re in the market for a greeting card, you won’t find a better (or more hysterical) selection. Plus, you can shop with your steaming hot cup-o-joe.

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Date Night | Happy Fish & Pengilly’s | Amanda “Ammo” Morgan

My go-to at Happy Fish is Sashimi Moriawase. I never know how to pronounce it, but I ALWAYS love it!  The plating is different each time, chef’s choice. The dish includes 15 pieces of sashimi with a salad or soup, and a side bowl of rice! Their fish is always super fresh and it melts in your mouth.

After dinner, I’d want to do one of my favorite things in the whole world: walk around downtown Boise. I love my neighborhood, and I’m proud of our big little city. On a summer evening at dusk, when a warm breeze is blowing, and street performers are playing a tune… it’s a magical feeling.

After our walk, we would head over to Pengilly’s. It would have to be a Thursday, because that is the night the Frim Fram 4 plays! FF4 is a jazz quartet heavily influenced by some greats like Nat King Cole and Ella Fitzgerald. The perfect Boise date night!

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Taj Mahal Review

Cultural Eats | Taj Mahal | Amanda “Ammo” Morgan

Until recently, I didn’t think I really liked Indian food. But, I’d never experienced it at the Taj Mahal! If anything can be labeled “cultural”, it’s Indian food.

We went on a double date and had an incredible family-style dining experience. Plates of meat and curry, vegetables and sauce were brought out and passed around. The wonderful woman who cooks the food was notified of my gluten-free needs and made a special batch of naan (Indian bread) for the table.

I think my favorite dish was the chickpea-flour breaded eggplant, or maybe the okra. Who knew OKRA could be so incredibly tasty?? And I really need the recipe for that gf naan! Now I’m hungry…

Visit Taj Mahal of Boise
Jump  Time Review

Family Fun | Jump Time | Amanda “Ammo” Morgan

Remember jumping on your friend’s trampoline when you were a kid? That floaty-tummy feeling when you’d get bounced extra high? Now imagine A WHOLE BUILDING FULL OF TRAMPOLINES. What’s not to love?!

There are even tramps on the walls! I’ve been here with my nieces, and that full-of-delight smile they exude even beats the floaty-tummy feeling. Let’s be honest: I’d go here without kids.

Visit Jump Time Idaho
Table Rock Review

Outdoor Adventure | Table Rock | Amanda “Ammo” Morgan

I’ve never been zip-lining, and I hate being cold and wet so rafting isn’t my favorite thing in the world. But, the hike up Table Rock is challenging and fun. It’s cool  to choose the different variations of routes to get to the top and back down (did you know there’s a back way??). I am ALWAYS huffing and puffing by the time I get to the top, but the photo op is totally worth it!

Visit Table Rock Boise
Grove Fitness Review

Health & Fitness | Grove Fitness Club & Spa | Amanda “Ammo” Morgan

I love Grove Fitness Club. Let me tell you my experience at another gym, before I tell you about the Grove. I walk into the cardio machine area. There are kids sitting on the machines, watching the tvs in wet bathing suits. I walk out. The end.

The Grove Fitness Club is adults-only. It’s no-nonsense, go there to work out. Located on the 5th floor of the Grove Hotel, the view of the city is stunning. I love hitting the eliptical machine and watching rush hour traffic below me. And yes, it has the TVs on the cardio machines (the only way I can stay on there for more than 5 minutes is to watch some HGTV!).

It also has this cool room where you can choose a “class” on the touchpad outside, and attend the “class” in the room with a big screen! Kind of like a giant library of workout videos. The staff is friendly, it’s really affordable, and it ALMOST makes me love working out. Haha!

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