The Entertainer

 Ron Torres is an independent filmmaker who has been producing stories in Boise, Idaho for 10 years. A theatrical directing graduate from the College of Idaho in 2002, Ron has transitioned into directing/producing a wide span of new media content both humorous and insightful. His most recognized projects include: premiere music videos for Dawn Golden & Youth Lagoon, Daily Trainers for Bodybuilding.com featuring Terry Crews and Arnold Schwarzenegger, and a short film adaptation of Christopher Hunt’s graphic novel CARVER. Ron is also an accomplished improvisational performer and is founder of Insert Foot Theater.  Below are his responses to my questions and reasons he is one of Boise’s most intriguing people!


What is your favorite thing about Boise and Or the Treasure Valley? 

Boise is possibility. The city is blessed with unquestionably optimistic people who are aspiring to define its cultural legacy. I appreciate the dogged tenacity the residents of Boise embody everyday.

What was the inspiration behind Insert Foot?  How long have you been operating?

Any great culture throughout history has needed its great satirists. In our own small way Insert Foot is Boise’s answer to this. Founded 5 years ago in competition for the Curb Cup street festival, we are now a familiar band of merry idiots providing laughter twice a month every month at the REEF on Thursday nights, with a rotating cast of 12 very different comics, its a dynamic puzzle of funny business that is guaranteed to be fearless.



What is your philosophy when it comes to making people laugh?

My philosophy is follows the values set up by comedy icon Del Close. That there is truth in comedy. Laughter is not the intention, it is merely a result of an audience sharing a visceral truth simultaneously with performers trying to convey it fearlessly. There is a term known as the group mind, which to summarize is essentially a shared understanding that truly connected performance brings forth. It is an improvisers holy grail and also a thrilling moment to behold and interact with once achieved.

Boise has a changing landscape with various new business, buildings and companies starting – What are you most looking forward to in the next few years?

I look forward to Boise’s golden age. We are at the tipping point of a cultural phenomena that will define this great cities legacy in history. I am lucky and proud to have my own small part in the multitude of factors that will lead to this equation for success.

Where do you go for Boise’s best Pizza???

Ahhhh…the great question. My retort is where do I NOT go for pizza in Boise??? There are so many incredible slices this tummy has yummied on it is a disservice to choose. Its like picking your favorite Mutant Ninja Turtle.


When not entertaining people yourself – What do you like to do to have fun and be BE entertained?

I find entertainment in observing Boise in action, whether it is sipping coffee at Goldy’s Corner or attending Treefort Music Festival I am always enjoying the incredible personalities this city has cultivated. AND DANCING….there is always time for dancing.


If you have out of town friends or family visiting, what are the MUST DO things you would show them?

Working for bodybuilding.com and also being an active ambassador when attending things such as film festivals etc. the best and ONLY way to tour Boise is to leave it all to chance. That is what is amazing about Boise…suddenly Hollow wood is randomly playing a gig at the Crux or we are all having an impromptu poetry reading by the fire pit of the Modern Hotel or BCT is doing an incredible one man show. No plans necessary…its the Boise way.


What is the most embarrassing thing that has happened to you on stage?

Its all embarrassing onstage…that is the point.

How do you feel you help shape Boise and make it the unique wonderful city that it is?

I think the question is better answered in reverse. Boise has shaped me. It has provided me the platform to incubate my craft and my passion and give me the environment to interact with the best human beings I have ever met.

Boise obviously has all 4 season, what is your favorite season?

There is nothing quite like that first summer bike ride through the park into downtown.


What else would you like the people of Boise to know about you?  What is something that most people wouldn’t  guess?

I guess I would like the residents of Boise to know that I am grateful to call this place my home. You wouldn’t guess it but there is a quite shy side of myself that flourishes in this town unnoticed and the fact that I can be both this person and the outgoing social entertainer you crave simultaneously is a remarkable thing I think only Boise can cultivate.