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A Unique Way to Party in Boise: Red Carpet “Dueling” Pianos

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Papi Sorrels of the Red Carpet Piano Shows

SNL’s Jack Handy famously said, “To me, boxing is like a ballet, except there’s no music, no choreography, and the dancers hit each other.”

If you are looking for a fun party evening with friends, away from the typical bar scene, then gather your BFF’s and head to a Red Carpet Pianos show. Watching these guys sling jokes, familiar favorite tunes, and non-stop rhythmic banter is akin to a loosely-choreographed comedic ballet! Only here, the punches thrown are spontaneously-crafted lyrics and bawdy revelry.

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I recently attended a Red Carpet “Dueling Pianos” show at the Varsity Pub in Meridian, starring legendary comedian-musician Papi Sorrels, doing musical battle with Dave Hawke from St. Louis, Missouri. Our VIP party included chips and salsa, a round of bartender’s choice shots, and front row seats to the musical mayhem.

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Our group was a mix of about a dozen ladies & gents from all over town, and Papi and Dave warmed up the quiet crowd with a mild-yet-funny collection of classic favorites. You know, the songs everyone does karaoke too? Little by little, they had us singing along, and Papi’s true comedy genius began to emerge. This guy is funny. Seriously funny! Both gents oozed musical talent and vocal chops that would make even Simon Cowell turn cartwheels, but Papi’s comedic timing stole the show. His bawdy lyrical weavings, coupled with a daring recklessness and massive mischievous grin, made for an unforgettable evening.  I’ve never seen someone’s eyes twinkle that brightly while belting out “I Like Big Butts, and I Can Not Lie,” until now.

red carpet piano 10A Red Carpet Piano show is a great “fun night out” group idea, for birthdays, bachelorette parties, or any situation where you want to let loose, have some fun, and can take a little personalized ribbing. Leave your sensitivities at the door; these comedic boxers will poke fun at everyone’s expense, and take no prisoners (but they DO take personalized requests and for $20 will gladly roast your best friend or enemy!)

Sit back, hold on, and enjoy the Red Carpet ride of your life.
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