Best Kept Secrets Guide

It’s no question that the Treasure Valley has some of the best dining establishments around. But we’ve put a list together of some of our favorite secret spots that don’t always get the exposure they deserve!


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Best Kept Secrets | La Crepe aka The Boise Crepe Guy | Amanda “Ammo” Morgan

Every Saturday morning in season, my husband and I saunter down to the Grove for breakfast. La Crepe has sweet or savory crepes and they are to die for! Love savory? Try the Curry Chicken Crepe! Love sweet? Try the Nirvana Crepe: bananas, marshmallows, chocolate chips, graham cracker, coconut, and caramel.

My personal favorite, the lemon and sugar crepe, is now on the menu as The Ammo! What I really love about this place is the family that runs it. They have their “lemonade kids” booth right next door. Gluten free crepes are available!

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Sushi Ya Review

Best Kept Secret | Sushi Ya | Virginia Treat

Do I have to tell? Oh okay, well one of my favorite places to grab a little – maybe a lot of sushi, is Sushi Ya. For a flat rate you can eat all the sushi that you want. Their Godzilla is amazing!

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Zen Bento Review

Best Kept Secret | Zen Bento

Does my parent’s house count? No? Well then I’d have to say Zen Bento on 10th and Main in Boise or on old State in Eagle. My choice dish is a salmon bento bowl with brown rice, green onions and their house teriyaki sauce with lots of siracha on the side.

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review casa blanca 318x223

Best Kept Secret & Cultural Eats | CasaBlanca Cuban Grill | Jennifer Puente

Not all Latin food is created equal!

My “Best Kept Secret” & “Cultural Eats” award goes to CasaBlanca Cuban Grill located on 5506 W. Overland Rd. Step out of Idaho and into Cuba with CasaBlanca’s flavorful plates. Their “Authentica cocina criolla!” dishes are so authentic you’d think you were in Cuba during your entire meal. The owner’s mother is in the back cooking, it’s amazing! My favorite dishes are “Fricassee de carne de puerco” with sweet ripe plantains, and  the “Sandwich Cubano”!

It’s NOT Mexican food so don’t you dare ask for a taco or hot sauce!


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Best Kept Secret | The Cake Ballers | Kellie Reeves

Okay maybe The Cake Ballers aren’t exactly a secret anymore… but if you haven’t tried this delicious desert then you need too! They have so many great flavors it’s hard to choose just one. I love when they do the holiday sampler boxes that include a variety of flavors! But if you can only pick one, you can’t go wrong with the chocolate! YUM!

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