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Ready to take your taste buds on a world tour? The Treasure Valley is a “Treasure” chest of growing diversity, especially when it comes to authentic plates! From the Basque Center, to Casa Blanca (Cuban Grill), Don Diego’s to Cazba Greek Mediterranean, Gino’s Italian Ristorante to Chiang Mai, and so much more. They will ALL be sure to excite your mouth!




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Taj Mahal Review

Cultural Eats | Taj Mahal | Amanda “Ammo” Morgan

Until recently, I didn’t think I really liked Indian food. But, I’d never experienced it at the Taj Mahal! If anything can be labeled “cultural”, it’s Indian food.

We went on a double date and had an incredible family-style dining experience. Plates of meat and curry, vegetables and sauce were brought out and passed around. The wonderful woman who cooks the food was notified of my gluten-free needs and made a special batch of naan (Indian bread) for the table.

I think my favorite dish was the chickpea-flour breaded eggplant, or maybe the okra. Who knew OKRA could be so incredibly tasty?? And I really need the recipe for that gf naan! Now I’m hungry…

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review casa blanca 318x223

Best Kept Secret & Cultural Eats | CasaBlanca Cuban Grill | Jennifer Puente

Not all Latin food is created equal!

My “Best Kept Secret” & “Cultural Eats” award goes to CasaBlanca Cuban Grill located on 5506 W. Overland Rd. Step out of Idaho and into Cuba with CasaBlanca’s flavorful plates. Their “Authentica cocina criolla!” dishes are so authentic you’d think you were in Cuba during your entire meal. The owner’s mother is in the back cooking, it’s amazing! My favorite dishes are “Fricassee de carne de puerco” with sweet ripe plantains, and  the “Sandwich Cubano”!

It’s NOT Mexican food so don’t you dare ask for a taco or hot sauce!


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Taj Mahal Review

Cultural Eats | Taj Mahal

The most authentic ethnic food in Boise hails from Taj Mahal (Indian/Pakistani food). Vegan and vegetarian dishes, as well as fresh and remarkably flavorful and succulent meat dishes such as lamb roghan josh and butter chicken make this menu exciting for both first time diners and Indian cuisine enthusiasts alike.  They’ve got a lunch buffet that allows you to try out some amazing curries with fresh clay oven baked breads or you can make it in for dinner and order one of the many healthful savory gluten free courses.  One chef prepares every single dish from scratch, so you get a meal prepared to your spice and flavor preference.  That does mean that the wait is a little longer than usual, but they’ve got 60+ international beers in the fridge for you to pass the time.


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