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Starting with Classical Culture and Boise’s History all the way to Modern, Cutting Edge arts and fashion! This list encompasses all that goes into the dynamic culture of Boise, Idaho.



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Culture & Arts | First Thursday | Amanda “Ammo” Morgan

As you have learned, I love walking around downtown Boise. LOL Every month, on the (hello) first Thursday, downtown Boise opens its doors til later in the evening. Galleries and shops offer hors d’ oeuvres and wine, with special showings and sales.

Usually there will be street performances by musicians or dancers. Art galleries are the really fun places to be on 1st Thursday, but shops like the City Peanut Shop or the Chocolat Bar offer free samples on their goodies. And again, it’s a good time for me to head out with my camera to catch some of Boise’s unique street style!

Landmarks & Attractions | Freak Alley | Amanda “Ammo” Morgan

I was surprised recently to find out most people don’t know about one of the coolest things in Boise. It’s an alley spanning an entire city block, dedicated to street art/graffiti. It’s not just tagging, there are some extremely talented artists who are displayed in this outdoor alt-art gallery. It also recently expanded its murals into a parking lot (right across from Ten Barrel). Take a stroll through it sometime!


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Culture & Arts | Boise Art Museum | Virginia Treat

I am a lover of the arts, doesn’t matter which form. What I love about the Boise Art Museum is they have a variety to appeal to my various tastes. My favorite event in the past has been the Art of Fashion Show.

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Morrison Center Review

Performing Arts | Morrison Center | Virginia Treat

I may be a bit biased, but the Morrison Center is one of a kind in my eyes. One can’t help but be amazed by the diversity of events that come into the Center. Where else can you see a National touring Broadway Musical and then a week later catch a wonderful work of art from our local arts group or perhaps a concert or comedy show?

Visit Velma V. Morrison Center For The Performing Arts

Culture & Arts | Boise State Football

I may be biased, but as far as culture goes, nothing speaks about the culture of Boise and Idaho than Boise State Football games. Not just the actual games but the surrounding tailgating and events. You can really see just how friendly and fun people in Boise are by walking around a tailgate. Gotta love being offered some BBQ or an adult beverage by a complete stranger. Nothing like it! I look forward to continue seeing the growth of the program and the Game Day experiences.

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boise-river-float-review 318x223

Outdoor Activity | Floating the Boise River

Coming from California to Idaho was not an easy transition. But I will always remember my first summer in Boise, Idaho. One of the main reasons were the weekly trips to float the Boise River. Floating the river is fun, inexpensive and relaxing. You create memories on the river and that is why I love it so much!

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Best Boise Experience | Boise’s Culture

My entire Boise experience was my “Best Boise Experience.” The Culture of Boise, the loyalty to what is born and created here; the pride that this city has for what we have going on here is something that I don’t think I have ever felt in any other city I have ever lived in or been to.


Culture & Arts | Idaho Historical Museum

Our kids love the Idaho History Museum. I’ve got to admit, I love it just as much as them. There is so much to soak in while there. It is set up with so much to do that there is no way that you can take it all in, in just one trip. That is the best part, it gives you a reason to come back for more!

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