Family Fun Guide

When you’re looking to spend quality time with the whole family the Treasure Valley has some of the best attractions around. From The Farmstead to the Discovery Center, the area is filled with a variety of things to do all year.



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Family Fun | Dave & Buster’s | Estefany Moreno

You eat, you grab your favorite drink, and then you play all under one roof. What’s not to love? The kids have fun winning tickets, buy stuff and I’m over here playing too, win-win!

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Jump  Time Review

Family Fun | Jump Time | Amanda “Ammo” Morgan

Remember jumping on your friend’s trampoline when you were a kid? That floaty-tummy feeling when you’d get bounced extra high? Now imagine A WHOLE BUILDING FULL OF TRAMPOLINES. What’s not to love?!

There are even tramps on the walls! I’ve been here with my nieces, and that full-of-delight smile they exude even beats the floaty-tummy feeling. Let’s be honest: I’d go here without kids.

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Settler's Park Review

Family Fun | Settlers Park | Virginia Treat

We like to keep things pretty simple most of the time. And how we do that and get to enjoy each other’s company is take a picnic and go to the park. One of our favorite parks is Settlers Park on Meridian Rd. The kids love to play on their splash pad during the summer, there is also the sound garden where they can explore their musical creativity and the playground (of course) for hours of fun!! Plus they do the Cableone movie night there every Friday night in the summer months.

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Eagle Island Review Featured Image

Family Fun | Eagle Island State Park | Estefany Moreno

Ok, so when you have step kids to entertain or any kids for that matter, Eagle Island is the place to be! My step kids absolutely love running around wild (with me behind them of course) splashing each other during hot days! It’s a nice little place to set up a little picnic with the family and soak in the sun rays!

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Family Fun Center | Big Al’s

Big Al’s has to be my favorite family fun location in Boise. They do a great job on providing something for all ages. In my eyes the key to having a great environment is, the people working there have to be as happy to be there as the customers. And at Big Al’s you can tell the staff love their job!

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Family Fun | Julia Davis Park

Do you remember the first time you fed a goose? As a child I always enjoyed hanging with the geese in Julia Davis Park. Not only is it free, but the animals are too so there’s no reason to feel bad about the caging of wild creatures! Julia Davis park also has paddle boats and a beautiful rose garden where you can have picnics throughout the spring and summer.

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Family Fun | Big Al’s

Our family loves Big Al’s! My nuggets are entertained for hours! Not to mention my husband… There is a 50’ TV for him! He can watch 8 different games, at the same time! There are so many fun activities. There is bowling, arcade games, food, TV, DANCE DANCE REVOLUTION, the list goes on. Okay, I will admit it… Sometimes we go without the kids!

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