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Grove Fitness Review

Health & Fitness | Grove Fitness Club & Spa | Amanda “Ammo” Morgan

I love Grove Fitness Club. Let me tell you my experience at another gym, before I tell you about the Grove. I walk into the cardio machine area. There are kids sitting on the machines, watching the tvs in wet bathing suits. I walk out. The end.

The Grove Fitness Club is adults-only. It’s no-nonsense, go there to work out. Located on the 5th floor of the Grove Hotel, the view of the city is stunning. I love hitting the eliptical machine and watching rush hour traffic below me. And yes, it has the TVs on the cardio machines (the only way I can stay on there for more than 5 minutes is to watch some HGTV!).

It also has this cool room where you can choose a “class” on the touchpad outside, and attend the “class” in the room with a big screen! Kind of like a giant library of workout videos. The staff is friendly, it’s really affordable, and it ALMOST makes me love working out. Haha!

Outdoor Adventure | Asana Climbing Gym

With the weather getting colder, people assume outdoor activities are off the table. Asana climbing gym on Chinden is a great alternative to being outside. They have a full gym and climbing walls for both novice and experienced climbers, the whole family is sure to have a blast while enjoying something new and challenging.

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Business Review Featured Image Bogus Basin 318x223

Outdoor Adventure | Mountain Biking & Snowboarding

Mountain Biking in the Boise Foothills during the spring, summer and fall, then night Snowboarding at Bogus Basin keeps me fit and sane after a fast-paced work week.  My favorite areas to ride are the trails at Table Rock (Rock Garden and Rock Island) and Military Reserve (Shane’s Loop). Both of these local mountain biking playgrounds offer incredible views of downtown Boise.


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