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Enjoy a day touring great landmarks like Table Rock, the Boise Train Depot, and the Anne Frank Memorial right here in the beautiful Treasure Valley!

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Landmarks & Attractions | Freak Alley | Amanda “Ammo” Morgan

I was surprised recently to find out most people don’t know about one of the coolest things in Boise. It’s an alley spanning an entire city block, dedicated to street art/graffiti. It’s not just tagging, there are some extremely talented artists who are displayed in this outdoor alt-art gallery. It also recently expanded its murals into a parking lot (right across from Ten Barrel). Take a stroll through it sometime!


Visit Freak Alley
Table Rock Review

Outdoor Adventure | Table Rock | Amanda “Ammo” Morgan

I’ve never been zip-lining, and I hate being cold and wet so rafting isn’t my favorite thing in the world. But, the hike up Table Rock is challenging and fun. It’s cool  to choose the different variations of routes to get to the top and back down (did you know there’s a back way??). I am ALWAYS huffing and puffing by the time I get to the top, but the photo op is totally worth it!

Visit Table Rock Boise
Hagerman Review

Landmark & Attractions | Hagerman Miracle Hot Springs | Virginia Treat

My family loves to head out to Hagerman for a little day trip. It’s just a quick hour and a half drive outside of Boise so it makes for an easy road trip with kids. When we have time to take off for the day, we enjoy going to the Hagerman Miracle Hot Springs

Visit Hagerman Miracle Hot Springs
Table Rock Review

Outdoor Adventure | Table Rock | Virginia Treat

One of my favorite things about living in Boise is how close we are to any outdoor activity/adventure. There are so many fantastic spots to explore and enjoy, it’s really hard to pick just one. But if you’re looking to just get out for a quick hike and scenery, I recommend Table Rock. Start at the bottom and hike your way up to the cross and you can just sit up there and look over our wonderful city!

Visit Table Rock Boise

Landmarks & Attractions | Old Idaho Penitentiary | Klair Strom

Okay… I am a total History nerd. I love learning. Especially about things that happened before I existed. Any chance I get to get hands on experience with history, I’ll take it! The first time I went out to the Old Idaho Pen was my Freshman year of college. I had to do a scavenger hunt for a Criminal Justice class that I was taking. The things that I got to see while I was there were unreal! If you’re looking for something to do with your friends or even family, this is a must! There are self-guided tours as well as guided tours.

Visit Old Idaho State Penitentiary Visit Old Idaho State Penitentiary

Culture & Arts | Boise State Football

I may be biased, but as far as culture goes, nothing speaks about the culture of Boise and Idaho than Boise State Football games. Not just the actual games but the surrounding tailgating and events. You can really see just how friendly and fun people in Boise are by walking around a tailgate. Gotta love being offered some BBQ or an adult beverage by a complete stranger. Nothing like it! I look forward to continue seeing the growth of the program and the Game Day experiences.

Visit Albertsons Bronco Stadium
boise-river-float-review 318x223

Landmarks & Attractions | Floating the Boise River

Although I didn’t have much time for summer activities throughout my time in Boise, floating the Boise River was something that I am so glad that I made time for. It is so cool that the river floats right through town and past campus. Floating the Boise River is something that I think that every person who either lives in Boise or visits Boise, NEEDS to make time for.

Visit Boise River

Culture & Arts | Idaho Historical Museum

Our kids love the Idaho History Museum. I’ve got to admit, I love it just as much as them. There is so much to soak in while there. It is set up with so much to do that there is no way that you can take it all in, in just one trip. That is the best part, it gives you a reason to come back for more!

Visit The Idaho Historical Museum


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