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Get ready to be entertained as you learn about the venues, events & reviews on where to watch the best Live Entertainment the Treasure Valley has to offer! Whether you’re looking to laugh with your favorite comedian, lose yourself in your favorite play or show, catch a film festival or just jam out with your favorite artists, we’ve got you covered!


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PowerHouse Event Center Review  Featured Image

Live Entertainment | RAW at the Powerhouse Event Center | Virginia Treat

RAW at the Powerhouse Event Center. In my world, RAW encompasses all thing Live Entertainment. The variety that is offered by this production demonstrates the passion that is involved with everything that it takes to make RAW so successful and dynamic.

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Taco Bell Arena Review  Featured Image

Live Music | Taco Bell Arena | Virginia Treat

The Treasure Valley has quite a large list of live music venues and I have to say that I enjoy the majority of them. If I had to pick a favorite live music venue based on the variety of shows that are offered as well as space provided for the show itself, I would choose Taco Bell Arena. Taco Bell Arena even works well with other venues in town to host shows that other venues have brought in that might be too large to host in their own facility. Their relationship with other businesses in the Treasure Valley also makes them unique.

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review morrison center 318x223

Live Entertainment | Morrison Center | Jennifer Puente

Reflecting back on all the live entertainment I’ve enjoyed over the past years, favorite comedy acts, family friendly shows with my daughter, and not to mention classic Broadway shows, they have all been at the Morrison Center! My best memory was watching Ballet Idaho’s The Nutcracker at the Morrison Center.

They host entertainment for all walks of life and all interests! I would highly recommend staying on top off their line up of shows!

Visit Ballet Idaho & Ballet Idaho Academy Visit Velma V. Morrison Center For The Performing Arts
Review Comedy Sportz kaley 318x223

Live Entertainment | Comedy Sportz

Who doesn’t love a good clean laugh?  Comedy Sportz is a fast-paced, family-friendly improvisational comedy, played as a sport!  And what I love most about Comedy Sportz is it’s comedy without all the inappropriate language and references! I can take my whole family and have a great time. Not to mention I was able to partake in the fun!

Review Image Knitting Factory 318x223

Live Music | The Knitting Factory

Who doesn’t love a good concert? I know my favorite indoor venue has always been the Knitting Factory! They have been around for so long and I love how it’s located in the heart of BODO. They’ve had all of my favorite musicians perform there and I’ve had many memorable times with my friends at the Knit!


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