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Sometimes it’s hard to decide on where to go because we have so many choices. So when in doubt always go with what you know best!



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Local Favorites | Bluebird Cafe | Estefany Moreno

I love love love this place! It’s so fresh and different. I love supporting local businesses so this is my go to secret (not so secret) place for lunch. When in doubt pick the grilled cheese and tomato basil soup – yum!

Tip: It’s always busiest from noon-2pm so get there early!

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Local Favorite | High Note Cafe | Amanda “Ammo” Morgan

I went gluten-free last fall, so sometimes it is hard to find a good place to eat out. High Note is known for its delicious food made from scratch, AND it has gluten free and vegan options!

I always get the Cuban (gluten free, no cheese) and their signature tomato soup made with coconut milk. The best lunch ever, and under $10. It’s on 5th, next to Guido’s

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Zen Bento Review

Local Favorite | Zen Bento | Virginia Treat

The Treasure Valley has so many great local restaurants to choose from but, Zen Bento is the first that comes to mind when asked to choose a “Local Favorite.” Zen Bento is a healthy, quick, and convenient option. The owners are awesome people and have friendly people keeping that place going on a daily basis. If you are looking for a healthy option but don’t have much time to spare, I suggest giving Zen Bento a try.


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The Drink Business Featured Image

Local Favorite | The Drink. Bar & Waterfront Grill | Jennifer Puente

The Drink. has so much to offer! I would most definitely say that this goes at the top of my list for Local Favorites. The ambiance and and variety of themes going on inside and out really allow you to mix it up every time you go! My favorite menu item is actually one of their newest additions, the Fondue. My little one also loves it and let me tell you… She is a picky eater!

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Local Favorite | Barbacoa | Heather Littleton

I love being able to dress up in my heels & little black dress & head out for a night with the girls & the best place to do this is always at Barbacoa! From the amazing drinks made by the awesome bartenders to the hand-made guacamole, made right in front of you, Barbacoa is always my first choice! Not to mention the ladies restroom is pink! I always show up in a great mood & always leave happier than when I arrived! The environment, ambiance, art, decorations, & huge wine wall are what makes Barbacoa amazing!

Java Coffee Review Image 318x223

Local Coffee Shop | Java Coffee and Cafe- Downtown

Boise has plenty of excellent coffee shops to choose from, but my overall favorite is Java in downtown Boise.  My staple drink is the Salted Caramel Mocha with Whipped Cream – absolutely delicious way to start, or refuel, your day.

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Date Night | The Fork & Fast Lane Indoor Kart Racing

Grab a sitter… I will let you in on the best secret for Date Night! Tuesday night’s at The Fork followed by Go-Karts at Fast Lane Indoor Kart Racing. Tuesday nights are special because it is the only night that The Fork offers Chicken and Waffles! These are something all of their own. Literally. I have never experienced anything like this decadent dish. But, to be honest, I can’t tell which part of this date night combo is the crucial ingredient. I think if you’re going to have a week night date night, you can’t have one of these without the other. This is the perfect combo of delicious food and tons of fun!

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Bar | 13th Street Pub & Grill

13th Street Pub and Grill has the best atmosphere! If you are looking for an upscale, yet laid back night out on the town, this is your spot! From their incredible selection of wines, to great eats, and amazing customer service, this is the place to be on a Friday or Saturday night.

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Local Favorites | Papa Joe’s Casual Italian

Being located across the street from campus, Papa Joe’s was and still is one of my favorite places to eat in Boise! As simple as it sounds, the Spaghetti from Papa Joe’s is hands down my favorite in the valley. But, you can’t forget to add the Italian Sausage to it. Funny thing is, I was never told that I couldn’t pick two favorites off of the menu. Tying for number two on the list of my favorite meal is their Creamy Chicken Alfredo Pizza!

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