Ampersand: A Taste of Sky-High Sophistication in Downtown Boise

Ampersand: A Taste of Sky-High Sophistication in Downtown Boise

by Aaron McFarland

Boise has long been known for its breathtaking landscapes, but the city is gaining a reputation in the realm of refined, exclusive cocktail bars as well.

Ampersand, a hidden gem nestled on the 14th floor of 999 Main Street, is touted as the highest bar in Idaho. With panoramic views of Boise’s foothills, the capital building, and downtown Boise, Ampersand offers a luxurious escape from the ordinary.

Entering Ampersand, however, is not as straightforward as walking through the door. To gain access, you must visit the Art Haus Bar at KIN and request an “elevated cocktail”. This unique approach sets the tone for an exciting experience. Eventually, you’ll be greeted and escorted upstairs via elevator to the 14th, where you’ll get about an hour to enjoy the space.

Once inside, patrons are greeted with an intimate and artsy atmosphere, amplified by wall-to-wall windows that provide an unrivaled view of Boise’s skyline. It is a cozy, immersive setting that encourages visitors to relax, sip, and savor the moment.

And here’s something you may not expect, Ampersand doesn’t have a drink menu. Instead, the talented bartenders craft bespoke cocktails based on the patrons’ preferences, adding a personal touch to each creation. Whether you prefer your drink to be sweet, bitter, strong, or smooth, skilled mixologists will whip up an impressive cocktail that is uniquely yours. This element of surprise makes each visit to Ampersand a new experience.

Despite its intimate setting, Ampersand can get busy, especially on weekends. Arriving early is recommended to secure a spot and make the most of your hour in this elevated hotspot.

The bar’s unique approach to cocktails, coupled with its spectacular views and exclusive atmosphere, makes it a must-visit for locals and tourists alike.


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