What to do this Halloween Weekend

What to do this Halloween Weekend

by Aaron McFarland

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It’s spooky season! But with everything that’s been going on the last year, it can be hard to know the details on who’s open, and when and where to get your scream on. We’re here to help! After all, everyone needs a hand to squeeze when they hear the chainsaws start.

Check out these Spooky Sites in and around Boise and the Treasure Valley! 

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Haunted World 

The Haunted World has been a Treasure Valley screamfest for over two decades – that’s a lot of screams! As one of the largest haunts in the Northwestern United States, it’s a must-see spooky attraction for anyone looking to get their scare on. Make sure you’re not left out this season! Come visit the absolutely massive 35 acre Haunted World, and experience their three amazing attractions. Also, maybe bring an extra pair of pants… just in case.

    • The largest haunt in the entire NW! Once you enter the path, the whole frightful journey will take about 45 minutes. Be sure and bring your own diapers…we do sell them in the concession stand if, by chance, you forget your own!


    • A hostel asylum gone wrong. You will make your way through each one of their rooms and experience firsthand what they experience daily. Skullvania takes about 15 minutes to experience. Have you got what it takes?!
    • Consists of 15 acres of pathways. Can you make it through without getting lost? The time you spend here is important for your mental health. One must have a little time to relax after the terrifying journey through The Haunted World and Skullvania.” 

Location: 20031 Northside Blvd, Caldwell, ID 83605

Tickets range from $27-$32.

Check out their website: http://hauntedworld.org/

image from Haunted World

Requiem Haunted Houses

Boasting over 13,000 square feet of pure indoor terror, and Located in Downtown Caldwell, Requiem is the Newest and Largest Indoor Haunted Attraction in the Treasure Valley. Every excursion through Requiem Haunted House is creepily catered to individual groups, so you’ll only be able to rely on each other when the fear truly takes hold – and trust us, it will! Be prepared. Requiem is not for the squeamish. You’ve been warned.


Location: 810 Main Street Caldwell, ID 83605

Tickets are around $13.

Check out their website for more information: https://www.requiemhaunt.com/ 

image from Requiem Haunted House


Tunnel Of Terror Car Wash

It’s back! One of the most unique – and creepiest! – haunted attractions in the Treasure Valley: Bluebird Express Car Wash is hosting their third annual “The Tunnel of Terror.” The event will be available Friday, October 29th, and Saturday October 30th from 7:00 PM to 10:00 PM. Pack your car with friends and family, and celebrate Halloween with screams and a freshly washed car!

Tunnel of Terror is a haunted car wash; you’ll go in as yourself on one side, and come out the other side a changed (albeit cleaner) person. They also have kid-friendly scares as well. In addition to receiving a great car wash and having some scary fun, everyone should know that all proceeds from the $18 entry fee will go to the following location-specific charities: Fairview & Cole Location: Bustin Out of Boise; Overland & Bird Location: Idaho Humane Society.


Location: 7547 W Fairview Ave, 83704 | 8506 W Overland Rd, 83709

Check out their Facebook for updates: https://www.facebook.com/BluebirdExpressFairviewCole 

image from Tunnel of Terror

Bonus! The most haunted prison in Idaho is right in our backyard.

image of a ghost

Old Idaho Penitentiary 

The Old Idaho Penitentiary is filled with stories, theories, history, and ghosts?! That’s right, Boise boasts a truly spooky haunted prison, and if you’ve never taken a haunted tour of the grounds and gaoel, do not miss this opportunity! The Old Penitentiary has a long history of hauntings – even among the inmates long ago. Not only will you get an interesting perspective on the history of the prison, but be prepared to be creeped out the entire time, with some moments of truly blood-pumping terror mixed in for good measure.

Check out the Old Idaho Penitentiary for spooky tours and tales in the evenings from October 27th – 30th, just in time to get your last-minute screams in! 


Location: 2445 Old Penitentiary Road Boise, ID 83712

For more information visit their website: https://history.idaho.gov/oldpen/

picture from the Idaho State Penitentiary



The team at This is Boise wishes everyone a safe and happy Halloween! 

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