Lily Lake Gin Warms Up Boise this Winter

Lily Lake Gin Warms Up Boise this Winter

by Aaron McFarland

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It’s the most wonderful time of the year! And what better way to get into a cheery spirit than to serve up some tasty cocktails for you and your loved ones this holiday season? Well, we have a distiller who’s breaking the mold with their newest reason for the season! 

This Is Boise recently got the chance to try some of the Lily Lake Gin from Alpine Distilling, and we can’t say enough good things about it! It was the perfect way to warm ourselves up and bring out the holiday cheer as a group – and that’s just the way the distillers at Alpine intended it!

Rob and Sara Sergent believe that time with friends, family, and loved ones is valuable, and that a well-crafted spirit has the power to “lubricate” those moments into lasting memories. We feel the same way and found Lily Lake to be the perfect complement to our evening.

Lily Lake Gin has a surprise that none of us at This Is Boise expected when we sat down with our glasses. If you’re a gin lover, then you, like us, have grown to love the established piney, citrusy notes gin is known for. But our first sips of Lily Lake were met with the delightful sweetness of hibiscus, which blended wonderfully with floral and citrus botanicals, before melding into a crisp finish. The hibiscus infusion was an unusual and welcome adaptation to the typical gin profile and had all of us reaching for a second glass.

Alpine Distillery is an Idaho neighbor, located just south of our border in the beautiful Wasatch Mountains of Park City, Utah. We love showing love to our Mountain West regional family, and find particular resonance with the fact that each of their spirits is inspired by the alpine lakes, mountains, forests, and meadows we call home. Finding and embracing commonalities between each other is so important, and it’s always great to find a distillery with roots in the culture and natural beauty of the Mountain West.

So whether you’re looking to give the gin lover in your life something special, or just seeking the perfect spirit to “lubricate” those evenings with friends and families, we think you’ll find Alpine Distillery’s Lily Lake Gin a terrific solution. You can find them on their website, across social media, or just get yourself over to a local liquor store and grab a bottle!

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