A Van With a Purpose

A Van With a Purpose

by This Is Boise

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Speak Your Silence is a local nonprofit for victims of sexual abuse.

This Is Boise was able to catch Speak Your Silence’s outreach manager and “Vanna White,” the mobile platform and merchandise shop, at the Capital City Saturday Market!

Speak Your Silence was founded in 2012 by Matt Pipkin to raise counseling service funds for victims of sexual abuse. The nonprofit operates by partnering with various local brands and businesses to spread awareness and provide resources to victims of sexual abuse. They specifically deal with helping people move forward after experiencing the after-effects of a trauma that is often difficult to speak openly about.

“Speak Your Silence is focused on helping others realize their innate value and worth so that they can take the necessary steps to move forward and live the lives they were created to live.”

Photo: “Vanna White”

The zig-zag logo prominently displayed on the Speak Your Silence van is inspired by a voice frequency. Bridget says the goal is to “remind you that your voice matters” and encourage those affected to share their stories via a safe platform. On their website, you can find a space to confidently tell your story to someone who will listen and an application to apply for one-on-one counseling services.

For more information on Speak Your Silence’s services, upcoming events/locations, and ways to donate or get involved, visit speakyoursilence.org.

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