Boise Businesswoman Promotes Positive Self-Image and Gives Back

Boise Businesswoman Promotes Positive Self-Image and Gives Back

by Aaron McFarland

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Amongst all that is happening right now, local business owner Bobbi Bullock, NP-C of Bobbi Bullock Medical Esthetics has a lot to share with the community. Currently, she is in the midst of running a 30-day campaign to give $100 Visa gift cards to community members in need. Simply enter online via Facebook or Instagram by nominating either yourself or someone you know that would benefit from the money. But greater than monetary donations she has a true message of self-care and love to spread.

Bobbi is the owner and founder of Bobbi Bullock Medical Esthetics in downtown Boise. During this shutdown, Bobbi says that she’s had time to think about where beauty and esthetics fall into relevance during such a time.

“Medical esthetics is only my platform. I empower and teach others in self-care, self-love, and self-respect,” She says. “I’ve had many roles in nursing from Neuro/Trauma ICU to High-Risk OB Life-flight, but the gift of esthetics changes more lives in a more meaningful way.”

Bobbi has a long history of empowering women to pursue their dreams, become financially secure, and of mentoring others into growing new skill sets, starting with herself. Bobbi left a career in traditional medicine to become a business owner and one of the top medical esthetic trainers in the industry. Her energetic confidence and enthusiasm for the industry radiates through every employee she hires. She is clear though, that the success of her company is backed by her all-female staff, and their desire to be a part of something magnificent. They are paramount to the business and lead by example in promoting self-care and self-love.

Bobbi Bullock NP-C of Bobbi Bullock Medical Esthetics (Photo courtesy Boost Media)

Bobbi has an intense medical background that encompasses caring for patients with high trauma and emergency situations. There was a moment though when she took a step back and realized she wanted to help people in a way that wasn’t as political as the healthcare system. She still wanted to use her skills, but she wanted to provide immediate, long-lasting changes and relationships that made people feel better about who they were. That’s when she decided to try a new industry- medical esthetics. “This realization was very unexpected for me. I didn’t know this was how I could help people feel better. And helping people feel better is my calling in life.” 

A pioneer in her own right, Bobbi leaned on her medical knowledge and taught herself much of the industry practices. “This was at a time when not much was known about medical esthetics. I had to research a lot of the material on my own.” She says. Once she started practicing, her business slowly pieced itself together and grew. Since it’s beginnings, Bobbi Bullock Medical Esthetics has grown exponentially every year it’s existed and is now ranked #340 out of 66,000 accounts in the nation with Allergan, the makers of Botox. As part of becoming a leader in the industry, Bobbi has created every service she offers, and shares her personal experiences open and freely. She is a certified Allergan trainer, a nationally recognized honor and competitive feat in itself.

” Helping people feel better is my calling in life.”

At the heart of Bobbi’s work, she hopes to bring meaningful change to people’s lives. From empowering clients to reenter the job market, to restoring beauty and confidence that once was, she has a track record of doing it all. In our interview, she recalled the feeling of being able to help those who have suffered from disfiguring trauma to restore facial features that once were. Using her expertise in working with tissue she has become an expert in restoring, improving, and reversing the appearance of facial and tissue nerve damage. “One of the most fulfilling moments in my job is being able to help someone who has suffered disfigurement, to restore what they used to look like, and maybe a bit prettier. The mental benefits of being able to look in the mirror and be happy with yourself are tremendous and shouldn’t be overlooked, especially during a time that is so mentally draining for all of us.” She said. 

Bobbi Bullock NP-C performs a treatment at her downtown Boise location

True to her passion for bringing meaningful change to people’s lives, Bobbi offers discounts for patients with illness – from stroke, Bell’s Palsy or cancer patients to military vets and families. She also believes in giving back to the community she was raised in and hosts a donation location and gala for Dress for Success, a charity that provides women with professional clothes for job interviews and work. 

The 30-day campaign to give out $100 Visa gift cards daily to people in need during the COVID crisis is her latest investment in our local community. Every day she is choosing someone to be the recipient of a gift card in order to ease financial burdens during this time. Simply watch the video and nominate someone you know in need of assistance during this time. That person could even be yourself.

The upcoming BB-Me campaign is set to release soon. She notes that times of crisis are often moments where we get the opportunity to let our character shine and really answer the question “Who do you want to be?” Bobbi intertwines this notion with the long-standing historical correlation between looking better being tied to feeling better. “The end of WW2 was marked by an increased sale in lipstick and pantyhose,” she remarks. “Beauty and global crises are intertwined as much as beauty and mental health. It’s important to take care of ourselves and nurture our mental health during a crisis.” During the COVID crisis, she wants to spread awareness that it is okay to feel new things about your self-image. 

While closed to seeing clients until it’s safe to re-open, her facility and staff are highly qualified and trained to help you get the look you desire at reasonable price points. They are doing video consultations and offering online discounts during their closure to get people excited, and have something to look forward to. Their true desire is to help others become on the outside who they are on the inside. Consider at this time, who do you want to be? 

You can learn more about Bobbi Bullock Medical Esthetics products and services at

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