Cirque Du Soleil Wows Boise

Cirque Du Soleil Wows Boise

by This Is Boise

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In a mere 13 hours, Boise State’s ExtraMile Arena was transformed into the whimsical world of Cirque Du Soleil’s OVO. With colorful sets, costumes, and characters the audience was effortlessly transported into what one can only describe as a peek into a childhood dream.

Before the production even began, I was impressed. A giant egg, 28 ft wide and 22 ft tall, sat in the center of the stage. Cirque characters, seemingly appearing out of nowhere, playfully roamed through the stands interacting with guests while they found their seats. From a mosquito buzzing around on tall stilts to a pair of butterfly catchers pretending to swoop up guests in a large net, a sense of wonder filled the arena as soon as the doors opened.


If you’ve been to any Cirque show, or simply have heard the name, then you already know the fantasy of this show stretched far beyond costumes and set. The performers ability to climb, jump, flip and twist– sometimes 40+ feet in the air, was breathtaking. OVO’s cast didn’t miss a beat. I sat on the edge of my seat, taken by every acrobatic insect who graced the stage.

OVO, created in 2009, is anything but dated. Its vibrant feeling is one that leaves you wanting more. From date night to family night, it offers something for everyone. If the show ever rolls back into Boise, I’ll be the first in line.

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