H2oeight Massage and Tia Esthetics: Upgrade Your Spa Experience with Kangen Water

H2oeight Massage and Tia Esthetics: Upgrade Your Spa Experience with Kangen Water

by Aaron McFarland

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Looking for the perfect way to wind down and relax? Experience the best, right here in the treasure valley! Nikki of H2oeight Massage and Tia of Tia Esthetics have developed a beautiful business together, united by Kangen water, to provide the best self-care services to the Boise community.

Nikki and Tia believe that wellness starts from within and these two can put you on the path to improving your overall well-being. These women business owners combine their services for a local experience like no other. Tia began her career as an esthetician and Nikki began her career as a massage therapist, but their bond of friendship inspired them to come together to better serve the Treasure Valley.

The pair has created a unique spa experience based on their knowledge and techniques within their practice as well as the use of Kangen water. If you haven’t heard of it, Kangen water is alkaline water that has different ph levels that can be very advantageous to both our skin and internal health. This water has increased antioxidants and its moisturizing properties help to revitalize the skin. When using Kangen water in the spa you will leave with your skin glowing!  Kangen water also acts as a healthier alternative to tap water, and that’s just a few of the benefits! Tia and Nikki use Kangen water within their services free of charge to increase overall wellness.

The two women were kind enough to let me come in and experience the services for myself! I was blown away by the immediate results. Tia used “beauty water” during the facial as well as gentle hands and left me with skin that was smoothened, tightened, and dewier than ever. Nikki’s use of Kangen water and Asian massage techniques created an overall tranquilizing experience. After the two treatments, my skin and body’s response proved to me that the beauty water was meant to be a part of the spa experience.

You can book with H2oeight here and with Tia’s Esthetics here to get a one-of-kind spa experience!

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