Ridetober Offers Boise Rewards for Smart Commuting!

Ridetober Offers Boise Rewards for Smart Commuting!

by Aaron McFarland

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Packs on and petals up everyone; the ACHD just kicked off the Ridetober campaign, and you do not want to miss this! Throughout the month of October, you have the chance to win some extra money by switching to a smart commute – that means carpool, vanpool, bus, walk, bike, or work from home. By tracking your commute each day, you have the chance of claiming a $50 daily reward! 

Ridetober is for everyone – if you smart commute, you qualify. The ACHD has gamified smart commuting so that there are multiple ways to play and win: you can play as an individual (Bounty Hunter), as a team (Old West Gang), or both.

To participate in Ridetober, track your rides on www.SharetheRideIdaho.com and play as a Bounty Hunter or as an Old West Gang. The rules are outlined below: 


Lone riders must track at least two smart commute trips on www.SharetheRideIdaho.com each week to earn Bounty Hunter status. The following week, 5 winners will be drawn to claim their $50 reward. There will be a total of twenty $50 rewards distributed in October.

  1. Visit www.SharetheRideIdaho.com
  2. Login or create a profile to find a smart commute that works for you
  3. Track at least two smart commute trips on the Commute Calendar each week

That’s it! Once two smart commutes are tracked in one week, you’re automatically entered to win. Track your smart commutes by 11:59 pm Sunday night for the week prior; winners will be drawn every day beginning October 11.


Gangs of 4 – 6 members must track their smart commute trips and post photo evidence on social media for a chance to claim the $300 reward.

  1. Assemble an Old West Gang of 4 – 6 commuters
  2. Your gang must collectively track five unique Wanted Commute modes on www.SharetheRideIdaho.com in October (i.e., one carpool trip, one vanpool trip, one bus trip, one walk trip, one bike trip, and/or one work from home day)
  3. Share photo evidence of each commute type on Facebook, Instagram, and/or Twitter using #Ridetober and your gang’s name (e.g., #GangName) so the deputies can verify your gang’s smart commutes

For those of you that are new to smart commuting in the valley, there’s an option to win $100! The ACHD recommends that you create a profile and track four smart commutes in October to be entered to win a $100 reward. One winner will be drawn each week in October.

It’s spooky season – ride safe, ride smart, and Ridetober!

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