Transform the Concept of Working Out at iLoveKickboxing in Boise

Transform the Concept of Working Out at iLoveKickboxing in Boise

by Aaron McFarland

Boise-based iLoveKickboxing (@ilovekickboxing_idaho) is a studio where they transform the concept of working out.

Exposing you to accountability coaches that train weekly to make sure they are meeting the needs of members, new and returning. You don’t need any prior experience before coming into the studio. As it is closely related to martial arts, this is perfect for anyone who is just now starting their fitness journey or wants to continue their array of physical empowerment.

Their workouts are an hour long of HIIT style exercises, guaranteed to build muscle, and burn fat. These workouts target the whole body and consist of different exercises each day! They have coaches that will help motivate you inside and out, giving you that extra boost of positivity needed to truly help reach your full potential. Allowing you to hit the bags, letting go of any life stressors that may be suffocating most of your time.

In their classes, all ages are welcome! The youngest individual at ILKB is 13 years old, and the age range goes up from there. They have seen kids grow an extra sense of coordination and support that they need during an important developmental stage. Young and older adults alike have found that this type of exercise works discipline and other mental barriers that hinder their physical abilities.

They take the time to understand your fitness goals, the struggles you face whenever starting a fitness routine and expose you to a new and fun way to work out! They walk you through your first class and introduce you to the rest of the members and their program. They are open to bringing in a friend or other family member if you want them to be there during your first experience. The schedule is flexible, we love working around you.

You will come everyday knowing that you are a part of a family – and most of all, as the kickass mom that you are!

This Mother’s Day, iLoveKickboxing is doing a $25, 3 kickboxing class pack with free PINK gloves. Originally an $80 value, simply want to appreciate mothers and everything that they do!

The Boise location just celebrated their 3 year anniversary on April 25th – both Lee and Jamie Engelking are the local owners of this studio. Visit them with mom for your Mother’s Day workout. Located by the Boise Towne Square Mall at 7940 W Rifleman Street!


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