What To Do At Treefort Today – Day 2 (2021)

What To Do At Treefort Today – Day 2 (2021)

by Zach Ahrendsen

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Welcome to the This Is Boise TreeFort Festival guide! Our staff has scrupulously combed through today’s schedule in order to bring you a top-picks list of must-see performances and events, alongside a handful of TIB Staff favorites to recommend. Let us know what you think!


9:10 pm – 10:10 pm: Monophonics

Performing at the El Korah Shrine.
1118 W Idaho St, Boise, ID 83702

Often known as a group that is keen to create a heavier version of classic soul, Monophonics are back with their trademark sound while introducing a healthy dose of new and warm textures that will saturate speakers.


10:10 pm – 11 pm: Xiu Xiu

Performing at the Mardi Gras Ballroom.
615 S 9th St, Boise, ID 83702

Xiu Xiu is an American experimental band, formed in 2002 by singer-songwriter Jamie Stewart. Xiu Xiu was born on a dance floor, arriving alone at the club and going home alone from the club. Currently, the line-up consists of Stewart (the only constant member since formation) and Angela Seo. The band’s name comes from the film Xiu Xiu: The Sent Down Girl, which has influenced the sound of their music, according to Stewart.


11 pm – 1 am: Orographic

Performing at Capital City Event Center.
622 W Idaho St, Boise, ID 83702

Orographic is a founding member of Bridge Club, Portland’s legendary queer daytime party/DJ collective. He is a fixture in the US queer underground scene, and recently made his European debut playing the Genosys stage at Glastonbury with his signature blend of house and techno. Rob is also an in-demand installation artist and founder of Always Never Yesterday.

11:20 pm -12:30 am: AJJ

Performing at the Mardi Gras Ballroom.
615 S 9th St, Boise, ID 83702

AJJ, while still rooted in the folk-punk sound AJJ has become known for, the album is unafraid to delve into new territories that test the limits of what the band is capable of.


11:30 pm – 12:10 am: Madisun Proof

Performing at the Reef.
105 S 6th St, Boise, ID 83702

Performing at Reef, Madisun Proof has made influential moves around the local Boise scene. They hold a streak of a 4-Time returning artist at Treefort and Boise Music Festivals, they understand the relationship between an artist and their community.



12:20 am – 1:30 am: Vundabar

Performing at The Shredder.
430 S 10th St, Boise, ID 83702

Vundabar is an American indie rock band from Boston, Massachusetts.



Highlights From Wednesday

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Today is Day 2 of the This Is Boise’s daily Treefort scavenger hunt! We’ve got four boxes on the loose in downtown Boise waiting for you to find.

Prizes include items from:

Stay tuned to our Instagram stories for clues to find these goodie boxes!


The Chocolat Bar

The Chocolat Bar has been a downtown Boise favorite for over 15 years! Providing incredible artisan chocolates all handmade in our shop.


The Main Stage is where the magic happens. Join us for the lights, the dance moves, the crooning vocals, dump truck beats, and warbling guitar solos… The Treefort Main Stage is where the magic happens – so join us for these amazing performances!

Click here for more information about location and times.

3 pm – 3:50 pm: Luna Li

Listening to Luna Li is the moment you hang suspended between dream and a haziness, or when you’re dancing through a slight tipsiness. You feel beautiful, confident, happy. This is Luna Li and she’s here to help you love.


4:10 pm – 5 pm: Prism B!tch

Hop from robust riff-ery to sticky-sweet hooks before dipping back into moments of distorted bliss and warm melodies, this is Prism B!tch.


5:30pm-6:30pm: The Shivas

Come enjoy a bombastic, explosive, and thoroughly communal live rock and roll experience. Barriers between the performers and their audience seem to dissolve into the sweat and sound.


7 pm – 8:10 pm: Built To Spill

Treefort wouldn’t be the same without local indie rock band Built to Spill playing a set or two (or three).


8:40 pm – 10:10 pm: Japanese Breakfast

Japanese Breakfast is an indie rock band headed by Korean-American musician, director, and author Michelle Zauner.



For those that love storytelling! Storyfort is all about the great writing of top-notch authors, poets, journalists, spoken word artists, memoirists, refugee storytellers, podcasters, and more!

Click here for more details about location and times.

11 am – 12:30 pm: Private Dick

At Guru Donuts, J. Reuben Appelman discusses how the state of the publishing industry pressured one writer to come out as pansexual and revise his fictionalized private detective character to be more reflective of his personal experiences.

2:30 pm – 4 pm: Idaho’s Lifeblood: Our Rivers, Our Fish, Our Lives

The Idaho Conservation League and Storyfort team up to deliver the stories, issues, impacts, and complex realities of Idaho’s rivers, fish, economy, and watersheds.

4 pm – 6 pm: Cocktail Stories

Five bartenders, servers, service industry insiders at The Mode Lounge bring stories of working the front of the house, the back of the house, and just how wild and complex life in business can be.


A celebration of our best, most authentic selves, Dragfort is a safe space for everyone to express themselves and celebrate the A celebration of your best, most authentic self. Dragfort is a safe space for everyone to express themselves and celebrate the LGBTQ+ culture and build community through performance and dialogue. 

Click here for more details about location and times.

12:30 am – 2 am: Bodie

Boise’s own oldest and original house DJ, instrumental in creating the House and EDM/ Techno scene in Boise in the late 80’s and early 90’s.


We all could use a bit more peace and stability in our lives, and Yogafort is the best way to find some zen amongst the chaos. Drop in for a recharging yoga session and get your sweat on with our amazing events!

Click here for more details about location and times.


From data science and security to lockpicking and cryptology, Hackfort is for those who celebrate all things tech! Come to Hackfort for good conversation and engagement about all the unique things happening in the technology world. 

Click here for more details about location and times.

4 pm – 9 pm: Hackfort Launch Party

Come celebrate the launch of Hackfort 2021 overlooking beautiful downtown Boise on the C.W. Moore Rooftop. Come to socialize, network, meet talent and sponsors, and pre-funk for a night of music.


Artfort brings light to the fine arts, performing arts, public art installations, and more. Whether you want to catch a horror puppet show, a flamenco performance, or a theatrical ballet performance.

Click here for more details about location and times.

7 pm – 7:10 pm: Ballet Idaho

An original dance film exploring the role of the artist in determining or creating our perception of what is real.

7:50 pm – 8 pm: Project Flux Dance

Project Flux Dance transforms nontraditional spaces into immersive environments that break the fourth wall between performer and audience member.

8:50 pm – 9:20 pm: Meaghan Novoa

Meaghan Novoa is a dancer and choreographer from Atlanta, GA, currently residing in Boise, ID.


Wouldn’t be Treefort without Alefort! Feel refreshed and chill out with some local craft beers Located next to Main Stage – that’s convenient!

Click here for more details about location and times.

4 pm – 8pm: Alefort

Located at the Alefort Tent, 1109 W Main St, Boise, ID 83702.


Lights, camera, action! This 3-day festival features independent and diverse cinematic perspectives for audiences of all ages! Check out the must-see movies and attend actor, director, and cinematographer panels today!

Click here for more details about location and times.

7 pm – 8:40 pm: Headliner: The Flicks (100 mins)

Come and watch one short film and one long film at The Flicks!


What did the crowd say to the comedian? “Can you please stand up?” ba-ding shhh. After the year we’ve all had, we think everyone could use some laughs. Comedyfort is the perfect spot that brings Treeforters laughs, chuckles, and snorts.

Click here for more details about location and times.


You’re on a roll today, and if you’re not, you could be at Skatefort! Celebrate all things skateboarding and roller skating, with a gathering of music and community. This all-ages fort invites everyone to skate together while listening to live music! All ages welcome.

Click here for more details about location and times.

10am-11am: Roller Skate Community Roll Out!

Let’s tour Treefort together! Connect with fellow skaters and get familiar with where roller skate events will be held. All levels welcome!


Treefort is for all ages! Kidfort provides a playful and safe place for kids to gather with the integration of other forts. Kids 12 and under can enjoy the entire festival for free!

Click here for more details about location and times.


Did someone say food? Recharge and fuel up at Foodfort! Foodfort brings in local chefs, regional chefs, national chefs, media, and culinary experts together to talk about all things food. Oh, and not to mention, there will be a TON of food!s!

Click here for more details about location and times.

6 pm – 8 pm: Farm To Fest

On Basque Block, local chefs meet local ingredients to create a formal-informal multi-course meal. Chefs will partner with local farms and suppliers to deliver a totally local farm-to-table experience.


From data science and security to lockpicking and cryptology, Treefort not only brings together musicians and crowd, but it lends the opportunity to gather the minds of the industry. The discussions at Music Talks involve the nuances of building a career in the music industry and serve as a brainstorming platform for the future of music.

Click here for more details about location and times.

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