What To Do At Treefort Today – Day 1 (2021)

What To Do At Treefort Today – Day 1 (2021)

by Zach Ahrendsen

Welcome to the This Is Boise TreeFort Festival guide! Our staff has scrupulously combed through today’s schedule in order to bring you a top-picks list of must-see performances and events, alongside a handful of TIB Staff favorites to recommend. Let us know what you think!


6 pm – 6:40 pm: Mckenna Esteb

Performing at the El Korah Shrine.
1118 W Idaho St, Boise, ID 83702

McKenna’s soulful band is based out of Boise ID (backed by Andrew Chumchich, Ieke Goodwin and Darren Henry). Her funk/rock sound is reminiscent of powerhouse singers like Winehouse and Adele. Some songs may make people want to get up and dance and smash the patriarchy, while others may make people cry in the shower. There is no in between. Her new EP Moving (on) comes out in September. Her debut EP features tunes that deal with heartbreak, growth and facing fears.


8:40 pm – 9:30 pm: Gipsy Moonrise

Performing at the Olympic Venue.
1009 W Main St, Boise, ID 83702

Gipsy Moonrise is a supergroup from Boise, ID. Soaring guitars and spacey synths, this rock and roll band never disappoint.

9 pm – 10pm: Lounge on Fire

Performing at The Hideout.
1114 W Front St, Boise, ID 83702

A 7-deep battalion with a brass section, fused from the ashes of indie rock, seductive soul, and sexadellic funk, Lounge on Fire is a cacophony of formidable freaks. Rapid and percussive vocals often combine with dark and hypnotic grooves reinforcing a boisterously brassy fanfare to create a unique coalescence of rock, soul, jazz, latin, disco, hip hop, and funk. Lounge on Fire has been noted for their electric live performances that make it impossible to sit physically or emotionally still. This rowdy ensemble channels passion from the roots of the human experience and the dark night of the soul into gyration-inducing anthems.


9:30 pm – 10:10 pm: Bone Haus

Performing at The Linen Building.
1402 W Grove St, Boise, ID 83702

Bone Haus delivers a sound and DIY vibe that is largely missing in the modern pantheon of rock music. Drawing influence from 60’s style garage-blues, minimalist post-punk, and desert rock psychedelia, the quartet has garnered a growing fan base that embraces their diverse and innovative approach to songwriting coupled with compelling lyricism and driving rhythms. 


10:10 pm – 10:50 pm: Open Mike Eagle

Performing at the Neurolux.
111 N 11th St, Boise, ID 83702

Humor can conceal and alleviate the pain of trauma, but no joke will erase it. Even Wu-Tang Clan told you that tears come after laughter. Relief comes only from opening every emotional and psychological wound.

Open Mike Eagle spent the 2010s finding comedy in rap music and American nightmares. On albums like ​Brick Body Kids Still Daydream ​and ​Dark Comedy​, he delivered hilarious socio-political insights via half-sung verses laid atop progressive production. Acclaim from publications like ​Pitchfork​, ​Rolling Stone​, and​ NPR​ coincided with headlining solo tours and top-billing at events like Adult Swim Festival. Between studio sessions, Eagle co-founded The New Negroes, a standup-meets-music variety show that explores perceptions of blackness. He and co-founder Baron Vaughn brought the show to Upright Citizens Brigade, Comedy Central, and venues around the U.S. Since founding his record label Auto Reverse Records, though, Eagle has scaled back the jokes. He’s finally unpacking his traumas and acknowledging their impact.


10:30 pm – 11:10 pm: CMMNWLTH

Performing at The Shredder.
430 S 10th St, Boise, ID 83702

CMMNWLTH (read “commonwealth”) is a four-piece of friendship from Boise, ID. They enjoy long walks on the beach, peaceful evenings in nature, and pure, unadulterated rock. Their only prerogative in life is to share that passion with anyone they can, whether friend or foe, familiar or strange.


11:10 pm – 12:10 pm: HE/LIUM SHE/LIUM

Performing at the Reef.
105 S 6th St, Boise, ID 83702

HE/LIUM SHE/LIUM is an 80’s inspired, synth-pop, electronic, dance duo.

They started when partners Ari Wing and Rocky Wing found themselves in a small apartment in Boise, ID. With no connections, working full-time, going to school, lack of practice space, and the noise limits of apartment living, they decided to go fully electronic. (No real instruments are harmed in the making of their music.)




This Is Boise’s daily Treefort scavenger hunt kicks off today! We’ve got two boxes on the loose in downtown Boise waiting for you to find.

Prizes include items from:

Stay tuned to our Instagram stories for clues to find these goodie boxes!


The Main Stage is where the magic happens. Join us for the lights, the dance moves, the crooning vocals, dump truck beats, and warbling guitar solos… The Treefort Main Stage is where the magic happens – so join us for these amazing performances!

Click here for more information about location and times.

4:30 pm-5:10 pm: aka Belle

Aka Belle rides fiercely in a no man’s land where intimate vocals mingle with wild guitar serenades and wrestle with beats of a bygone era.


5:30 pm – 6:20 pm: Sofia Valdes

Sofía Valdés’ sound encompasses a musical texture that crosses over into pop with alternative sensibilities.


6:50 pm – 7:50 pm: Monophonics

Often known as a group that is keen to create a heavier version of classic soul, Monophonics are back with their trademark sound while introducing a healthy dose of new and warm textures that will saturate speakers.


8:30 pm – 10:10 pm: Lake Street Drive

The quartet is known for their rock-infused take on classic jazz, soul, and swing music from the pre-rock era of music.



For those that love storytelling! Storyfort is all about the great writing of top-notch authors, poets, journalists, spoken word artists, memoirists, refugee storytellers, podcasters, and more!

Click here for more details about location and times.

12 pm – 1:30 pm: The Changing Lens of Activism

At the Idaho State Museum, activists will be shining a light on our economy and our need to connect with each other.

5 pm – 7 pm: Backstage Pass: Stories of Music, Moshpits, and Mayhem

At the 10th St. Station, stories from five industry insiders and hard-core fans all about the wild and unforgettable shows, artists, intimate encounters, and the deep-down love of music.


A celebration of our best, most authentic selves, Dragfort is a safe space for everyone to express themselves and celebrate the A celebration of your best, most authentic self. Dragfort is a safe space for everyone to express themselves and celebrate the LGBTQ+ culture and build community through performance and dialogue. 

Click here for more details about location and times.

8 pm – 9:30 pm: Kick Off with Kandy Muse

The official Dragfort kick-off at the Balcony club!

9:30pm-11pm: Lady Delicious

Lady Delicious has 20 years of experience and now calls Boise home. Don’t miss them at the Balcony club! 

12:30 am – 2 am: Not That Jennifer

An Idaho-based DJ that will have you dancing the night away.


We all could use a bit more peace and stability in our lives, and Yogafort is the best way to find some zen amongst the chaos. Drop in for a recharging yoga session and get your sweat on with our amazing events!

Click here for more details about location and times.


From data science and security to lockpicking and cryptology, Hackfort is for those who celebrate all things tech! Come to Hackfort for good conversation and engagement about all the unique things happening in the technology world. 

Click here for more details about location and times.


Artfort brings light to the fine arts, performing arts, public art installations, and more. Whether you want to catch a horror puppet show, a flamenco performance, or a theatrical ballet performance.

Click here for more details about location and times.


Wouldn’t be Treefort without Alefort! Feel refreshed and chill out with some local craft beers Located next to Main Stage – that’s convenient!

Click here for more details about location and times.


Lights, camera, action! This 3-day festival features independent and diverse cinematic perspectives for audiences of all ages! Check out the must-see movies and attend actor, director, and cinematographer panels today!

Click here for more details about location and times.


What did the crowd say to the comedian? “Can you please stand up?” ba-ding shhh. After the year we’ve all had, we think everyone could use some laughs. Comedyfort is the perfect spot that brings Treeforters laughs, chuckles, and snorts.

Click here for more details about location and times.


You’re on a roll today, and if you’re not, you could be at Skatefort! Celebrate all things skateboarding and roller skating, with a gathering of music and community. This all-ages fort invites everyone to skate together while listening to live music! All ages welcome.

Click here for more details about location and times.


Treefort is for all ages! Kidfort provides a playful and safe place for kids to gather with the integration of other forts. Kids 12 and under can enjoy the entire festival for free!

Click here for more details about location and times.


Did someone say food? Recharge and fuel up at Foodfort! Foodfort brings in local chefs, regional chefs, national chefs, media, and culinary experts together to talk about all things food. Oh, and not to mention, there will be a TON of food!s!

Click here for more details about location and times.

5:30 pm – 7:30 pm: Street Eats

A market-style shindig inspired by the night markets of the world (ticket includes one cocktail).


From data science and security to lockpicking and cryptology, Treefort not only brings together musicians and crowd, but it lends the opportunity to gather the minds of the industry. The discussions at Music Talks involve the nuances of building a career in the music industry and serve as a brainstorming platform for the future of music.

Click here for more details about location and times.


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