Bringing the Meaning of Food Truck to a Whole New Level

Bringing the Meaning of Food Truck to a Whole New Level

by Aaron McFarland

From Chicago to Boise, Zach and Julia Greatting are taking a bite out of Idaho and bringing their love for food and wine to the Treasure Valley – and what better way to bring it than a delicious food truck! 

The Backstory

Zach Greatting’s life has always been driven by his love for food. Originally from Springfield, Illinois, Zach went to college in Denver and then spent some time in New York. While New York is a foodie haven, Zach’s food career took him to Chicago for Culinary school. He then continued his education in Napa, enrolling in a formal wine program. He finally returned home to Chicago and settled in to be a chef and sommelier at a traditional 5-star restaurant. 

Happily working in the industry, he soon found out that his restaurant was closing – but here’s the thing about Zach Greatting- he’s an opportunist at heart. With the help of his wife Julia and business partner Joe Gancarz, the now-famous Brix Catering and Events was founded. Brix had humble beginnings and is now a full-scale catering company for weddings and corporate events in the Chicago area. The growing success of Brix set the Greattings up for success that they had never seen before. 

The This Is Boise team enjoying Boise Bite’s Nashville Chicken & Waffles alongside a mimosa from Telaya Winery at Saturday brunch.

Finding Opportunity in Boise

When the pandemic hit, Zach and Julia decided it was time to start a passion project. The couple spent the 2020 summer in Boise, with the intention of building a summertime food truck, returning each summer to run it. But while they were here, they ended up falling in love with Boise, for its family-friendly atmosphere and small-city feel. They made the official move to Boise in July 2020, just in time to welcome a newborn son and build out the food truck over the winter. 

Boise Bite Food Truck

Boise Bite is now open to the public and has seen an amazing amount of success in its time. Alongside falling in love with Boise, Zach became fascinated with Idaho wines and quickly found himself in cahoots with Carrie and Earl Sullivan of Telaya Winery. Boise Bite is now parked at Telaya Winery and you can catch a delicious meal and a glass of wine every Friday and Saturday. 

From popping up at more food truck parks to becoming full-time favorites at other local restaurants or breweries, Boise Bite is showing the value of family and food. 

Check out their Instagram for updates on where they will be for the upcoming week!


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