Clockwise Escape Room – You Can’t Escape the Fun!

Clockwise Escape Room – You Can’t Escape the Fun!

by Aaron McFarland

Clockwise Escape Room is one of the newest escape room experiences right here in Downtown Boise filled with the most creative riddles and puzzles! 

Clockwise Background:

Monica Schafer and Taisiya Paltseva turned their passion for gaming, arts, and immersive experiences into a career owning and operating trend-setting escape rooms. The duo founded Clockwise Escape Room in 2017. Breaking the mold of the escape room industry by creating next-level games with Disney quality set design, intriguing storylines, high-tech puzzles, and wow effects.

“Tech brings our escape rooms into the future, getting rid of traditional locks and keys and using technology to unlock the magic! I integrate diverse technology in our games to blow the socks off our players! If a player doesn’t say “Wow, how’d they do that?!” Or “Whoa that’s incredible!” during gameplay, then I feel I haven’t done my job.” – Taisiya Paltseva 

Clockwise Escape Room made its debut in Boise in late 2020, with its first escape room, “The Asylum.” Then in February of 2021, “Party in Vegas” was officially open to the public for another escape room option. Then in June, their third escape room, “ The Incredible Machine” was added for more fun to the Clockwise Escape Room experience. Each escape room incorporates its very own unique and detailed storyline that will make you feel like you are living through the story! 

Monica is the artist who designs and builds escape room sets and puzzle props. She creates immersive environments that bring the games to life.

“Immersion is key to any quality gaming experience. It’s my goal to make each player feel like they’ve been transported to another time and place. Players should feel like they are living the adventure, living in the game. That’s part of what makes our games so authentically awesome!” -Monica Schafer

Together, the duo concepts new escape games. Writing engaging storylines and designing unique puzzles. They’re always pressing forward to create new and exciting gaming experiences for our customers. A Clockwise Escape Room is perfect for team bonding, a night out with friends, family events, date nights, and so much more! They can host groups of up to 30 people. In addition to escape rooms, Clockwise has a game lounge stocked with complimentary vintage video games, board games, puzzles, and they have food and beverage options! They’re always pressing forward to create new and exciting gaming experiences for their customers.

Our Experience:

Our This is Boise team had the opportunity to do a team bonding experience with Clockwise! We did the “Party in Vegas” escape room, and we had a blast being immersed into a drunken night after a Vegas fiasco! When you first walk into the escape room, you immediately feel like you are in the Hangover movie. 

The room was filled with props for us to wear to really get into character, from big goofy glasses to vibrant boas and even a red lacy bra. Everything was so realistic and the details were remarkable. From using actual hotels and clubs from Vegas in their clues to the wall decor and the messed up hotel room, it was filled with laughs and endless memories! We all agree it was an experience to remember, unlike the puzzled state from a “Party in Vegas.” 

How to Book and Special Deal: 

Head to the Clockwise Escape Room website to book your escape room today!

The ticket price per person drops when your team grows!

  • $32.00 per person for 2 players
  • $30.00 per person for 3 players
  • $28.00 per person for 4+ players

Clockwise Escape Room is part of Downtown Boise’s First Thursday celebrations every month.
Use code FIRSTTHURSDAY at checkout to get 15% off!
Valid only First Thursdays of each month for an escape room game.

You will get a private game regardless of your group size.

Check them out and see if you can escape before the timer runs out!


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