From Park City to Boise, Alpine Distillery is quickly leaving their mark in Idaho

From Park City to Boise, Alpine Distillery is quickly leaving their mark in Idaho

by Aaron McFarland

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A new gin is in town from Alpine Distilling! This regional distillery is based in Park City, Utah and is operated by the distilling team of Rob & Sara Sergent and chief executive Gerry Ruvo. Aptly named to welcome summer time, the newest gin is called Alpine Lily Lake gin. 

Rob and Sara founded Alpine Distilling in 2017 and stuck to their roots by crafting in their hometown of Park City. With Rob’s speciality in whiskey, and Sara’s passion for botanicals and gins, Alpine Distilling is the definition of do what you love, love what you do.  

At Alpine Distilling, family is the core value and being surrounded by loved ones and sharing a well-crafted spirit is a recipe for long lasting memories. 

The team at Alpine Distilling likes to describe themselves as, “flavorists, carefully determining the perfect aromatic and taste profile and selecting choice roots, fruits, grains, woods, berries and florals to craft elevated spirits for your pleasure.” 

Which then leads into their new spirit, Alpine Lily Lake gin, and expanding their creations to Idaho. The Alpine Lily Lake gin was inspired by their time outdoors in Utah and is crafted by Sara Sergent. Adding natural Hibiscus to their award-winning botanical formula creates an exciting upfront sweetness and a crisp, astringent finish. Alpine Lily Lake is great in a Gin & Tonic or your favorite gin martini recipe and can be found locally at liquor stores and local restaurants. 

This Is Boise welcomes this regionally-crafted gin to the area, inspired by things we hold dear- friends, family, outdoors, and quality time.

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