Get Your Game On at Fantastic Games!

Get Your Game On at Fantastic Games!

by Aaron McFarland

In a world that is immersed in technology, social media, and Netflix it is so easy to get caught with your attention on a screen for hours on end. But if you take a step back, you can still find a source for some classic and engaging hands-on fun. Enter, Fantastic Games! 

Fantastic Games was created by Nicholas Jones, a Boise native that has a love for games and has always dreamed of opening up a place that would bring people together. His goal with Fantastic Games is for it to be a place where memories begin. One quick stop into the store and you have yourself a new fun game (or a few!) that will soon bring all of your friends and family together. 


Nestled on 8th and Main, the shop has a recent history. In 2016, Nicholas bought the shop that he would later rename to be Fantastic Games in 2019. The success of the store only snowballed, leading to a second location! Nicholas just opened Fantastic Games’ Village location on August 2nd.

Nicholas is passionate about getting more people to play games. He says, “Our society is lacking in social interactions and games break that barrier!” His personal favorite game is Secret Hilter, which divides players into two political teams. 

The Store: 

You can find just about any game inside of Fantastic Games. From all of the classics like Jenga, Monopoly, and Uno to newer games like What Do You Meme, Cards Against Humanity, Exploding Kittens, you can find it all at Fantastic Games.  Want a more solo-friendly game? They offer single-player games and puzzles as well! Nicholas gave us his top three games that he feels every family should have, including Catan, Pandemic, and Ticket to Ride. 

You can tell that every employee working has a shared love for games and sharing it with the public. The employees are there to help you find the perfect game, so we suggest engaging with them and asking what games they recommend for you! The inventory is constantly updated and the shelves are always full. 

Our Experience: 

When we walked into Fantastic games we instantly became immersed in another world! The shelves of fascinating new games were endless and we instantly realized that someone was going to have to pry us out of the store. The staff was super helpful and was knowledgeable on all the games in the store. After pondering the shelves, Logan found a game that was one of her childhood favorites-  Killer Bunnies – and remembered being so much fun. Our This Is Boise crew is excited to learn how to play it and we are excited to go back so we can share our favorite games with the whole office!  

You can experience Fantastic Games yourself at either of their two locations – 

Boise: 120 N 8th St, Boise, ID 83702

Meridian: 3525 E Longwing Ln #110, Meridian, ID 83646

Check out their website for more information!

Do you have a favorite game? Tell us about it below!


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