Club Karma Brings a Refreshing Mindset To 8th Street

Club Karma Brings a Refreshing Mindset To 8th Street

by Aaron McFarland

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This Is Boise is thrilled to welcome back Club Karma to the Boise nightlife scene. Located above Pie Hole on 8th street, this Boise nightclub has gone through a series of transitions in order to create an all-inclusive, safe place for anyone who wants to play games, mingle with friends, and have an unforgettable night out!

Photo Courtesy of Curtis Reynolds

The road for Karma has been rocky. Last year they opened just before the Covid-19 shutdown, and then they experienced a tumultuous summer and fall under previous ownership. Many of Karma’s original goals have been pushed back as a result. However, in an exciting move, the nightclub has officially joined Challenger Hospitality Group, making it the 4th nightclub of the enterprise. 

As the transition took place earlier this year, it was imperative to Ted Challenger to keep Ryan Andrews, the mastermind behind Fatty’s renovation into Karma. Andrew’s is now an operating Manager and co-owner. As mentioned in our previous article covering Karma’s grand opening, Andrews’s goal has always been to make Karma a safe place for Boise nightlife. 

Andrews’s overarching aim is to shift the current nightclub atmosphere and become a pioneer to a new nightlife experience. Andrews wants Karma to be a nightclub that begins to change the stereotypes and assumptions around nightlife clubs and patrons. His goal is to create a welcoming atmosphere at Karma where any person, drinking or not, will feel welcome to come enjoy a fun and vibrant night out. The progressive nightclub prioritizes safety and inclusion above all else.

This Is Boise loves supporting businesses that put their values and the local community first. We are eager to see how Andrews and the rest of the Karma team will positively impact Boise. Karma is open every week on Friday and Saturday from 9 pm – 2 am.

Bring your friends this weekend and enjoy a safe night out, we might see you there!

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